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Cinco de Mayo, celebrated on the 5th of May, commemorates the Mexican army's unexpected victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Cinco de Mayo has become a significant cultural and festive event, especially in the United States. The day is marked by lively parades, traditional Mexican music and dance, delicious food, and vibrant decorations that showcase the rich heritage of Mexico. It provides an opportunity for people to come together, appreciate Mexican culture, and celebrate the spirit of resilience and unity that the historic battle represents. Whether through festive gatherings, colorful decorations, or indulging in Mexican cuisine, Cinco de Mayo is a day of joyous celebration and cultural pride.

No, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day. Mexico's Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th. While Cinco de Mayo is an important historical event and is celebrated with enthusiasm, it is not the day when Mexico gained independence from Spanish rule, which occurred in 1821. The misconception may arise because both events are significant in Mexican history, but they represent different moments and accomplishments.

Cinco de Mayo became popular in the United States despite being a Mexican holiday. To answer this, it’s best to go back to the 1960s. Chicano activists spread awareness of this holiday as a victorious feat over European colonizers. The 1970s and 1980s emerged, and so did the Cinco de Mayo celebrations through American beer companies.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at our festival! We are proud to offer you 3 incredible stages filled with amazing performances. You will be treated to a variety of music genres including Tejano, Norteño, and R and B. But that's not all! We have even more entertainment in store for you. Appreciate the mesmerizing cultural dancers and talented Mariachis as they take the stage. Not to mention, the food and drinks will leave your tastebuds wanting more. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that you simply can't miss!

At our event, we want everyone to have a great time while also staying safe. To ensure this, we have designated specific areas where alcohol will be served. These areas have been carefully selected to provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for those who choose to indulge. Our priority is the well-being of our guests, so we kindly ask that you please drink responsibly. Always remember to plan ahead and have a designated driver or use a ride-sharing service. This way, you can fully enjoy your time with us and make unforgettable memories.

For nonfood vendors, contact Frank Rodriquez at (651) 313 07345, and for food vendors, contact Bob Cruz at (651) 335-3392. Join us for this highly anticipated event and connect with thousands of potential customers.

Ensuring the safety and security of everyone attending the Westside Cinco de Mayo Festival is of utmost importance. That is why the presence of police officers is absolutely necessary to maintain a peaceful and enjoyable environment for all. By having dedicated law enforcement professionals on-site, we can rest assured that our festivities can be enjoyed to the fullest, without any safety concerns. Let's come together and celebrate this special occasion with peace of mind, knowing that our community's safety is our top priority.

For more information, contact Brad Goff at (651) 248-9811. Don't miss this chance to be part of an exciting community event. Register at the link

Get ready for a day filled with excitement and entertainment at the Westside Cinco de Mayo festival! Your children will have a blast with all the fun and engaging activities on offer. From face painting and special booths and more, there's something for every little one to enjoy. You can relax and unwind knowing that your kids are in safe hands and having the time of their lives. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity for your family to create lasting memories!

There will be designated areas for handicap parking to ensure that those with special needs have easy access to the venue. We understand the importance of providing accessible parking options and strive to accommodate our guests to the best of our ability.

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